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Record session

We recorded two songs: “Dreameater” and “The Riddle” our personal version of the famous hit by Nik Kershaw.

Ours are self-produced recordings in summer 2019.

Live recordings

We recorded the demo of our songs: Techacronismus and Gioco di Ombre.

Live recording during rehearsals in self-production.

We recorded in 2 takes: one with all the instruments recorded digitally and simultaneously as a real live event and one for the voice to avoid troubles with the microphone

With these takes we were able to develop the two separated track and manage volumes and mastering



di Kristallwald | Demo Self recording


di Kristallwald | Demo Self recording

Kristallwald, the band

Kristallwald are an Heavy Metal Band from Italy.

Kristallwald means Crystal Forest.

The songs are influenced from Black Metal, Trash Metal, Gothic, EBM, Progressive Metal and Electronic Music.

They define the genre as Extreme Synth Metal.


Davide Tironi (keyboards) and Michele Poletti (guiter, voice) founded the band. in 1999 Vincenzo Barbato (drums) joins the band and in 2001 Fabrizio Chierichetti (bass).

10 Black Metal songs were written in that year.

After some pauses and change of assets the band find itself stable again in 2015 with Davide (keyboards, comuter), Michele (solo guitar, voice), Vincenzo (bass) and Fabrizio (rhythm guitar)


Because of the new assets, the songs style develop with more and more electronic elements

Vincenzo leave the band.


Kristallwald play some live concert in north Italy and audience is enthusiast. The band collects compliments and criticism to develop even more their songs from the core.


Guitar arrangements become more complex and so the band agrees to search for a new member as singer and frontman. Giacomo Bressan joins the band, lyrics and vocal lines are re-written.


10 songs are ready and Kristallwald return on the stage


The year begins with a live show at January 3th, we will see what is going to happen for the future…


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