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Kristallwald are an Heavy Metal Band from Italy.

Kristallwald means Crystal Forest.

The songs are influenced from Black Metal, Trash Metal, Gothic, EBM, Progressive Metal and Electronic Music.

They define the genre as Extreme Synth Metal.


Davide Tironi (keyboards) and Michele Poletti (guitar, voice) founded the band. in 1999 Vincenzo Barbato (drums) joins the band and in 2001 Fabrizio Chierichetti (bass).

10 Black Metal songs were written in that year.

After some pauses and change of assets the band find itself stable again in 2015 with Davide (keyboards, computer), Michele (solo guitar, voice), Vincenzo (bass) and Fabrizio (rhythm guitar)


Because of the new assets, the songs style develop with more and more electronic elements

Vincenzo leave the band.


Kristallwald play some live concert in north Italy and audience is enthusiast. The band collects compliments and criticism to develop even more their songs from the core.


Guitar arrangements become more complex and so the band agrees to search for a new member as singer and frontman. Giacomo Bressan joins the band, lyrics and vocal lines are re-written.


7 June Centrale Rock Pub Erba live on the stage


The year begins with a live show at January 3th, we will see what is going to happen for the future…

Davide Tironi

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Date of birth : 1972

Place: Lecco

Passions: Music, Travel, Northen Europe, Photo, Work the wood.


Entry to the band: 1998 Co-founder

Role: Keyboards

Other: Composition of music and background videos

Instrumentation: Keyboards Korg, Notebook Lenovo, software Cubase.


Music: Suicide Commando, S.I.T.D., Hocico, The Frozen Autumn, Clan of Xymox

Film: Dracula, Alien, Star Wars

Readings: The cronicle of ice and fire, The saga of Eymerich, The adventures of  Sherlock Holmes

Food: Pizza, Polenta, Selvaggina, Gnocchi

Drinks: Red and/or dark Beer


Musical influences: Thrash, Death, Black, Gothic metal, Slayer, Death, Dimmu Borgir….

First album wanted: Anthrax – Among the living

First concert seen: Slayer 1991

Michele Poletti

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Date of birth: 1974

Place: Lecco

Passions: Science, Music, Dungeons and Dragons, Reading, Video games, my dog Nicolò.


Entry to the band: 1998 Co-founder

Role: Solo Guitar 

Other: Arrangements for Guitars and Bass, Editing e Mastering audio.

Intrumentation: Diamond guitars, Epiphone guitars, Mooer GE200 Amp Modeller, Cubase Elements, Native Instruments, Roland cables, Line 6 relay g10 wireless system.



Music: Voivod, Hypocrisy, Dimmu borgir, Cure, Elend, Samael, Joy division, Novembre, Meshuggah, Ministry, Black tape for a blue girl, Depeche mode, Death….and many more!!!

Film: Mystic River, The void, From beyond, The Antichrist, Event Horizon, All Star Trek films, Big Trouble in Little China.

Readings: H.p. Lovecraft, Valerio Evangelisti – Eyemerich saga -, Brian keene – The conqueror worms, Isaac Asimov – Foundation and Empire -, Arhtur C.Clarke – Rendezvous with Rama, George r.r. Martin – Chronicles of ice and fire. Frank Schatzing – Der Schwarm – Nachrichten aus einem unbekannten Universum. Eine Zeitreise durch die Meere – Tod und Teufel – Lautlos.


Musical influences: Trash metal, Dark, Industrial, Black metal, New Wave, Hardcore

First album wanted: Voivod, Killing technology

First concert seen visto: AND WHO REMEMBER IT!


Fabrizio Chierichetti

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Date of birth: 1971

Place: Busto Arsizio

Passions: Music, Fantasy, Draw, Sculptur, Technology, Mysteries, Comics.


Entry to the band: 2001

Role: Rhytmic Guitar

Other: Image and Brand, Graphic, Illustration, Shooting and video editing, web, social, PR.

Strumentation: Ephipohone SG Goth G-400, Mooer GE200, Apple computer, Canon Legria, Nikon D3000, Nilox Mini F.


Music: Disillusion, Dream Theater, Cradel of Filth, Amorphys, Blind Guardian, Crematory, Epica, Samael, Amon Amarth and more …

Film: Alien, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Matrix, Army of Darkness, Reign o fire, The LotR.

Readings: Chronicles of ice and fire, the Lord of the Rings, Rich dad Poor dad, The Secret. The Four Agreements.

Drinks: Red and/or dark Beer


Musical influences: Metal, Power, Shymphonic, Progressive, Thrash, Death, Black, Gothic metal, Folk metal, Dark and more…

First album wanted: Faith George Michael

First concert seen: Antrax – Public Enemy  1991

Giacomo Bressan

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Date of birth: 1984

Place: Como

Passions: Music, Theater, Cinema, Video games


Entry to the band: 2018

Ruolo: Voice

Other: Voice line composition and text writing.

Strumentation: TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme, TC Helicon MP-76


Music: Metallica, Dark Tranquillity, Finntroll

Film: Pulp Fiction, Mad Max Fury Road, Nosferatu – Phantom der Nacht

Readings: The Dark Tower, Heart of Darkness, Devilman

Games: Bloodborne, Seiken Densetsu 3, Darkest Dungeon

Food: Pizza, Polenta, Risotti


Musical influences: Folk metal, Death metal, Black metal

First album wanted: Offspring – Ixnai on the Hombre

Sountrack of adolescence: Dark Tranquillity – The Gallery

First concert seen: Gods of Metal 2002

Other projects: Theater, Podcast

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